Odin’s Own and Darokin Kingdom Building!

~ Odin’s Own: a multi decade adventure from crawling in holes looking for coppers to saving the world, rubbing elbows with Immortals and flirting with an assault on the 9 Hells! (Yes, yes you are DeSara)

~ Darokin Kingdom Building: A newer campaign dealing with the intricacies of establishing, maintaining and supporting a new fledgling domain in the Kingdom of Darokin! All the major houses have agents in the hunt and our Heroes are not alone in the Frontier. Can they hold off the Oasis Settlement, keep Hellborne under their control, pacify the remaining goblinoids that run amok in the region, not anger the Lady in the Cinderella Castle, keep Shorty and Toothless under control and if they can manage all that….. maintain a stable supply route to Akesoli! Oh, did we forget to mention, they have a Lake Spirit keeping an eye on them?

Odin's Own